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Outsourced Service Providers: Software

In line with APES GN 30, this page lists the various Software as a Service (SaaS) Providers' details being who they are, their geographical location and how they handle and store confidential information. This page will be updated as we introduce and/or remove software from our arsenal. We are primarily a remote service firm, and as such, all our services utilised are online. 

Why we use SaaS

We have been in this game since 2001 and in that time, we've used a lot of software. We have worked in firms who have spent thousands each year on owning and maintaining their own server, then upgrading it as their primary software provider says they need to. The the tools that bookkeeping and accounting firms used were very few but sharing the datafile with clients wasn't very easy. There was no real, live, data.

Since c.2011, SaaS providers maintain their own servers which are often hosted on Amazon Web Services or similar, and as such, it means that we don't have to - we being bookkeeping and accounting firms, and businesses themselves. This has allowed SaaS providers to grow their client base away from the professional services supporting their clients directly to the clients themselves, opened up the opportunities for many more business tools (aka add-ons), and given businesses more options to assist their business management and even growth.

This has also meant that what was once an annual fee to support the maintenance and updates of the software, it is now a monthly fee. The risk is spread across the client base and depending on the tools, the cost is borne directly by the business itself, and not us as the advisor. Unfortunately, it also means, if the SaaS has an issue, almost everyone is affected and we all have some downtime vs the 1 firm who used to manage their own server. 

Ultimately, the cost itself hasn't necessarily reduced. And maybe, it's even increased with the plethora of tools out there aiding business growth. For instance, you'll have your day to day bookkeeping/accounting tool, but then you'll have inventory, your website to manage your online sales, your point of sale system, your time management or project management system, and so on and so forth. But - at the end of the day, what is the cost of doing business worth to you, and can that tool save you time to do other things you value as more important?

We can help!

We know it can be daunting and overwhelming when trying to find the tool/s to support your business - we've been experimenting for years and probably won't really stop.
We're software agnostic, which means we don't really care what software you use. We enjoy learning new tools to add to our arsenal - it's quite fun really.
So with that, if you need assistance to research options that will help you work smarter, not harder, and make life simpler, we can help.
Get in touch as we'll need to know more about you, your business, your requirements and goals.
Additionally, depending on the system, we can assist in setting the system up for you, develop procedures (SOPs) in using the system and provide training. And if not, we will work someone who can.

Practice Management Tools

These SaaS practice management tools reflect what can be regarded as tools that affect our Material Business Activity. Should any of these tools have outages or loss of data, they affect the operations of our business and the delivery of our services to our clients - be it directly or indirectly. Unfortunately, outages happen from time to time, especially with Xero at peak periods.

Bookkeeping / Accounting Software

Other SaaS Tools

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