Saving Your Sanity – Do You Need to Hot Desk in Toowong?

A unique opportunity to join the Nationwide BAS office! 

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Melissa North, Director of Nationwide BAS is delighted to announce the office is now open for hot desk clients. Four desks are ready and facilities include refreshments, toilets and internet. If you’re at the end of your tether with your kitchen table, or just looking for some company while you work, we are the solution to your problem.

Are you ready to cut the high cost of home distractions? 

Many people have found themselves unexpectedly working from home and as a nation, businesses are starting to see the value in more independent working styles. Constant interruptions from family and pets mixed with the demands of professionalism and Zoom is a recipe for disaster.

With home businesses and side hustles on the rise, demand has risen for growth opportunities exactly like this one.

Escape the Family and Book Today! Escape the Family and Book Today!

To many Zoomers got caught with their PJs instead of pants!

Did you remember your pants?

As Covid first started to affect our lives, it was all too easy to laugh at unfortunate workers who goofed up on Zoom. As we adjust to the needs of lockdowns, remote work and video chats we also found we needed a third option – somewhere safe to handle meetings, see our managers, and remember what our teams looked like.

For only $11 an hour, you can hire the perfect place for an online meeting!

Book A Great Meeting Space Now! Book A Great Meeting Space Now!
Cleaning gear, such as a bucket, a hand held vacuum cleare and a squeegie

Things you don’t need to do before you start your work at Bent St

Maybe you just need a little quiet?

If Mount Washmore keeps growing in your living room, it can be harder and harder to present professionally when you need to. Or perhaps your family or pets think that because you are home, you’re there for them! If you need to get away from your own space, why don’t you use ours!

Great Space, Great Team, and Great Coffee

Bent St has an open space with four work desks. We want to make sure you’re comfortable, so here’s a list of the features and benefits of our office:

 Choose between an hour or a whole day at very reasonable rates.

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  • Price includes GST
  • WI FI
  • Access to kitchenette
  • Tea and Instant Coffee included
  • Biscuits for yourself and your clients
  • Open table for meeting space
  • Toilets
  • Great coffee (Next door to Nowhere Espresso café)
  • Monday to Thursday - 10am to 5pm
  • Month to Month Options Available

You will need to supply your own computer/laptop, any cabling and peripherals you need such as keyboard or mouse. Bookings and fees need to be arranged in advance, so click on the picture below and book today!

Casual or regular bookings welcome!  

So if your family is driving you crazy, or Mount Washmore is looming in the background, you need to find somewhere you can regain your sanity. We help you deliver high quality outcomes at an excellent price! If you have questions or would like to view the office, contact us to arrange a time. We have great coffee next door; we’ll buy you a cappuccino!

Yes! I'd love to have a look and say hi! Yes! I'd love to have a look and say hi!

Over to you

Where do you work when you’re not in the office? I would love it if you email me and tell me! 

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