Holiday Season Closure Dates

It's been a bit of a different year for us in 2021 and also our 10th year which almost went by without realising.

Back in March, we bought our new home but sadly, it's a bit too small to work from comfortably. So we found a space down the road from where we used to live and opened a physical office in Toowong QLD. 

Then, it rained. A lot. The office also had many days of rain inside. It took 7 months to get fixed and it wasn't until we decided to start looking elsewhere that it got fixed. It was certainly a coincidence, but a happy one. We didn't really want to move. It's convenient while the teens are still at high school and to be honest, we love Toowong. Though, this office doesn't have access to a pool, spa, sauna or bbq which would have been absolutely amazing where we almost day maybe.

And then it was July. We started getting more phone calls and more clients. We feel we made the right decision to move here. And now, we're at a point where we're looking to hire staff, because for the past few months, we're busier than we anticipated which has meant our communication timeliness and our work completion is not where we'd like it to be. And honestly, when it's one person doing absolutely everything and everything needs to be done, it gets really tough, time gets lost, and you wonder where the day went. Oh yes, we know how many, many people feel. 

Have you noticed, that we're always talking as though we're plural? Well to be fair, we = the future. We are never truly alone. We have partners and friends who we lean on when times are tough (and there have been a few of those this year), we have mentors and business partners, we get assistance where we can from friends who have started their own wonderful businesses (oh hey Sarah!), and we hope to one day have a bustling office with a wonderful team of people to assist you throughout the year. 

We have plans for the next 12 months brewing away and we'll talk about them in a separate post. But we're looking for ways to support you better in the future, but also, ourselves. 

So with that, to support ourselves to be able to support you better, we're taking an extended holiday season break this year. We don't know what we're going to be doing, but that's the fun of it. However, we do know that plenty of rest and relaxation is on the cards, many bush walks and hopefully some trips to calm and refreshing waterholes. 

We have already had a couple of mini breaks this year, and while they have been lovely, and full of excitement such as Melissa and Craig getting engaged (YAY!), they haven't been enough to restore and re-focus. We're probably going to throw in some business planning as well, because we probably won't be able to help ourselves...

So what will you be doing this holiday season? We honestly hope that you too get to have some time off time to recharge, refresh and refocus. 

Now - to the actual reason we came here to write this post....

The doors will be shut, the email auto-reply will be on and the phone will be on silent and/or diverted to voicemail from midday-ish on Friday, 17 December 2021.

The door will be half unlocked, the email might get eyeballed, and the phone will be screened from around 10am on Monday, 10 January 2022. We'll focus a bit more on the 11th.

We do hope that you get to have a wonderful holiday season and if you celebrate Christmas and New Year, we hope these are wonderful for you also. We look forward to seeing you next year!

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