An Introduction to Melissa

Hi, I’m Melissa North and these days I live in Brisbane with my partner, my 2 cats and every other week, my partner’s 2 children (well, they are essentially teenagers). 

When we’re not working and studying, my partner and I enjoy visiting the countryside of QLD and everything it has to offer. This includes hiking up mountains, looking for various waterholes, finding interesting towns with great bakeries, cafes, cideries and partaking in events the towns put on. We go to our local markets to buy the freshest goods and love spending time with our friends playing board/card games, taking a dip in our pool and tasting the delicious foods our local eateries have to offer. 

I grew up in Perth and when I was 19 I studied Cert 3 of Music Business and spent of a couple of years working part time with Hungry Jack’s and GJ North & Associates while putting on events in and around Perth as well as a few tours for Australian bands. For the longest time (since I was a child singing, playing classical guitar, writing songs), music was my passion and was excited to be able to put 2 of my passions together when I was operating the finance department of Artrage Inc while still working part time for GJ North & Associates. This was one of the most interesting and fun roles I had in my professional career.

GJ North & Associates however is the running theme for my business life. I’ve been extremely lucky to be able to work with my father my entire adult life, learn from him while studying, working and pursuing my passions. I started working in 2001 for GJ North & Associates as administration manager. After a little while, I followed Dad’s prompts to study the Cert 4 of Accounting while working on various accounts bookkeeping for Aboriginal Corporations and their off-shoot businesses we helped implement and many other clients. As CDEP was rolled back into federal government the opportunity arose to begin working more in accounting. So from there, I found my strengths in helping businesses understand their business financial positions through accounting & taxation for their businesses and associated individuals. This became my niche for many years while working with GJ North & Associates (and still is) but ultimately, in 2011, I embarked on a new adventure in going out on my own full time and setting up Nationwide BAS (after operating Melissa’s Bookkeeping Services part time) – all the while still working with GJ North & Associates on the accounting & taxation of clients we share and I introduce.  

For 5 years, Nationwide BAS was rather successful in Perth (there were ups and downs of course as every business experiences) when I took the risk to embark on a new life in Brisbane on 20 January 2017. The past 2 years here have been quite interesting, extremely stressful but very rewarding. A risk worth taking, one I do not regret and I am extremely grateful to have the friends and family I do as without them, it would definitely have been a lot harder. However, I am now rebuilding the business albeit slowly, learning where my strengths are not, taking more adventures, meeting many more people, finishing my Diploma of Accounting so that I can apply for my Tax Agent licence and enjoying life, no matter how tight the purse strings are. It is a beautiful state and I am so thankful to have been given the opportunities I have here, so humbled to have been able to spend my time with the people I have met and love this life with every piece of my heart. 

Nowadays, my passion in business is empowering businesses through strategic finance management. This isn’t just bookkeeping or accounting and tax – the compliance services are really just a small part of what I can provide albeit necessary. This is a strategic look at processes to see if there is a way to streamline them, reviewing the data to identify areas for improvement, identify trends in sales and expenses, look for ways to reduce costs and increase income and profits, cash flow management, wealth management, build reports specifically for projects that other accounting or software systems can’t capture. I enjoy listening to your goals, finding out your pains and what is important to you. With these few things, we can establish a plan and if we implement changes, ideally see a positive trend for the business and see it grow.  

It would be a wonderful and humbling experience to share this journey in rebuilding my business here in Brisbane with you and your business and see what we can do to help you and yours not just in bookkeeping and taxation compliance but also strategic finance management. It’s always lovely to meet my clients (nay, business partners) face to face if we can but I do utilise Zoom for video conferencing and when travelling Australia, I always want to catch up with my clients and enjoy their company for a few hours. After all, this is Nationwide BAS. <3

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