Your Just Tax

Tax, aaahaaaah, tax! 

Not everyone operates a business and just wants a hand with preparing their individual income tax return - especially if it's a bit more complex such as owning a rental property, selling some shares or cryptos, or maybe has a side hustle.

And with COVID-19 changing how we work, where we work and how we travel for work purposes, it's a little more complex than it used to be, more diaries are needed and this is where we can give you a hand.

So in the below links, we have included some of our standard documents to help you collate your information for tax time. 

      New Client Form - If you're a new client to our firm, we need you to provide some information to get you added to our databases and to confirm your identity. Once we have this information, we'll then share with you some folders you can use to upload your tax paperwork.

      Proof of Identity Checklist - Please ensure you provide identification for us to confirm your identity and to stamp-out tax fraud.

      2021 Tax Checklist/Questionnaire - This is for all individual clients, new or old, to help prepare their 2021 income tax return. Use this as well even if you are sole trader. Bear in mind though, if you operate a business as a sole trader, you'll need to provide access to your software you use to manage your accounts and additional records such as bank statements, invoices/receipts, etc.

      2021+ Motor Vehicle Logbook - If you drive your vehicle for work purposes you can use our logbook to keep records of your work/business vs personal use which can help ascertain deductions for your personal tax return. If your business owners vehicles, you can also use this for record-keeping purposes and to help with FBT preparation.

      Rental Property Questionnaire - If you hold a property and rent/lease it out, please complete this questionnaire (whether it's new to us or not) as it will help ensure you've got your expenses collated.

      Private Health Insurance - If you have private health insurance, the rebate is determined by your adjusted taxable income. If you earn too much, you may have to pay some back to the tax office.

      2020 Tax Checklist/Questionnaire - If you're a bit behind, you can use this to collate your 2020 tax return information (though 2021 has a little more detail). Just let us know if it's for 2020 or earlier.

      So if you think you would like us to work with you on your income tax returns, there are a few ways we can do this listed below. Also, when we finalise your tax return, we send it to you via our signing system which you can sign on your phone, tablet, laptop or computer. This means you don't have to print it out - easy!

      Please note that Tax Returns for 2021 will not be started until 14 July 2021 at the earliest to give time for information to be sent to you/the ATO for cross-matching of information. We will also be on a bit of a break until then as well.

      1. Email/remote (preferred) - If you're a new client, email the new client form to us (excluding the TFN) and we will add you to our database. From here, we'll send you an email with 2 links - one for a shared folder where we share documentation with you and one for an upload folder where you can upload your ID, TFN, questionnaire and supporting documentation.

        If you're an existing client, well, same deal. Everyone will get these folders.

        Note: this is our preferred method as tax return appointments fill up fast.

      2. Drop it in - you can drop in your completed questionnaire and documents to our office in Toowong. If we're not here, put them in an envelope and slide them under the door as far as you can. We don't really recommend this method just in case things go missing. If we're here, that's not so bad and easier to manage. 

      3. Book an online appointment - You can request an online appointment via our booking system. How many times have you had all good intentions on making a phone call to schedule a doctor/dentist/accountant appointment during your lunch break and then at 8 o’clock at night you realise you forgot to do it? Well, this year that won’t be a problem as you will be able to jump online and book a phone or online appointment. Save travel time and have your tax return prepared from the comfort of your work or home! You will just need to upload your questionnaire and related documents prior to the appointment.

        NB: We may not be able to finalise your tax return during your appointment for a number of reasons, but if we can, we will. 

      4. In Person Appointment - You can also request an appointment via our booking system for an in person appointment. Just bear in mind that such an appointment may be subject to rescheduling to another day or may need to be done via online should a COVID situation arise. You can bring your completed questionnaire and related documents to the appointment.

        Toowong office - This is our primary office but appointments are required for tax return consultations. This allows us to make sure we can efficiently service all our clients and work requirements.

        East Brisbane location - Limited appointments available due to being our virtual office and meeting rooms needing to be booked well in advance.

      The nasty stuff:
      For online and in person appointments, we require cancellation at least 24 hours prior if you cannot attend otherwise we may impose an $88.00 no-show fee.
      Per the terms in the new client form and checklist/questionnaire, payment is required prior to your tax return being lodged. For in person appointments, we require payment on the day of your appointment and we have Square tap or chip insert facilities available.


      It’s our pleasure to be able to offer a number of options this tax season for our clients that are wanting to limit face to face meetings due to COVID-19 or perhaps it’s simply a logistical nightmare to tee up a mutually suitable time in between work, school, sporting commitments. We look forward to working with you soon.

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